Pivot Projects and the Malin Group will join in partnership to deliver a free community sustainability presentation and discussion as part of the Malin Spotlight Series of events during COP26.

It’s Time to Pivot, which anyone is welcome to register for and join in person or online, will explore the potential for diverse collaborations of people from around the world to use collective intelligence, systems thinking and modelling and AI-based research tools to guide policy and help communities become more sustainable.

Hosted beside the iconic South Rotunda, just 320 meters from the official COP summit blue and green zones, the event is based on the principle that everybody should have a voice and a role in shaping the future of life on earth. As such, it will enable anyone who is interested to contribute to the discussion and share ideas that could help shape the future of society. It will conclude with a book signing by the moderator, respected writer and film maker Steve Hamm, who is author of The Pivot: Addressing Global Problems Through Local Action which follows the journey of Pivot Projects and was published by Columbia University Press.

Peter Head, one of the founders of Pivot Projects, said:

“We know efforts to stem climate change and ecological destruction are not moving ahead fast enough. We have to pivot quickly to give children a more secure and thriving future. We must pull together to create a more resilient society using regenerative, transformational change on the city, village, and neighbourhood level—tapping into collaborative intelligence and systems thinking. We need massive community involvement, both urban and rural, and, the only way to get that is by listening and using our heads AND our hearts” 

Helenor Fisher, Brand Manager at the Malin Group said:

“We are delighted to partner with the Pivot Projects and to contribute to the discussion at such an historic gathering as COP26. The It’s Time to Pivot event will be of interest to a wide range of people, from business and academic leaders to community leaders and everyday people who are concerned about the impact of climate change and want to do something about it. Our shared focus on solutions signals a natural partnership – and one we are very excited to take forward. I look forward to the event itself, and importantly to the conversations and actions that arise as a result.”

You can find more information on The Malin Spotlight Series and the Malin Group’s full series of events and partnership opportunities, at www.malingroup.com/COP26.

Enquiries about registration for this event, should visit: www.malinspotlightseries.com/Its_time_to_pivot