Malin Abram supports BAE Systems and UK Royal Navy on the banks of the Clyde

Heavy lift services specialists, Malin Abram, part of the Malin group, have successfully rolled out the Type 26, first in class, onto their customised 137 metre barge, the CD01, on the banks of the Clyde.

The project, which has involved almost 3 years of meticulous planning, saw the ship carefully rolled-onto a bespoke semi-submersible launch barge, after which it will be moved downriver and submerged at a specially selected site on the Clyde to float off and launch.

This latest contract with BAE Systems affirms the strong relationship between the two companies, dating back to the group shipping the Trident pressure hull rings from Glasgow to Barrow in the late 1980s – and a continued supportive relationship across several major naval projects since.

Jamie Bowie, Engineering Director, said: “We are thrilled to have completed this key stage of the project; there are a myriad of considerations with roll-out and float-off operations, from the weather and tides to the weight and dimensions of the vessel itself, so seeing her safely secured to the barge is great. Working with BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defence has afforded us the opportunity not only to bring a new capability to the Clyde in the form of one of the largest floating dock barges in Europe, but also provided invaluable experience to a full team of naval architects and engineers – an experience they will never forget.”


The contract marks a first for the company, representing a move to equipment ownership via a joint venture between the Malin Group and Augustea. Since modification the barge is one of the largest in Europe and will be based on the Clyde between projects. She can submerge to a maximum 11m over deck allowing her to float-off cargos with up to 9.5m draught and her split caisson arrangement allows cargo to overhang fwd and aft. The caissons can be relocated as required to suit project requirements.

Malin Abram is part of the Malin Group, a family of specialised brands and teams, who together provide end to end solutions to the marine industry. As such, the group offer a full range of services to the offshore and maritime industry – over a variety of projects, across a range of sectors, all over the world.