On site specialist blasting and painting

Clyde Corrosion Control offers a professional service high superior finish all inspections undertaken by our Nace 2 and 3 inspectors full ITPs and painting procedures supplied competitive hourly rates

Do you operate in the marine or industrial sector and require on site painting?

When painted projects leave a paint shop, there is always damage caused in transportation no matter how hard we try to avoid it, either in transportation, or from cranes offloading at the other end. It may be steel frames, silos, tanks, containers, submersibles, ferry ramps …the list goes on. Across all of these items however, one thing remains constant – the importance of having skilled inspectors on-site when work is being undertaken – and a team who will follow you across all and any locations as necessary.

NACE 2 and 3 level inspectors are invaluable when it comes to site work. These inspectors have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that the painting process meets the highest industry standards. From surface preparation to coating application, their keen eye and attention to detail ensure that the job is done right. Plus, the Clyde Corrosion team are here to complete the job in our factory and then follow you to site to ensure any repair requirements are carried out efficiently and effectively.

If you’re looking for flawless results and exceptional quality in your on-site painting projects, please get in touch

Clyde Corrosion offer a specialist blasting, paint and coating service, with custom facilities at our Westway base. We offer a trusted range of product finishes to a range of sectors – from oil and gas and nuclear, to construction and renewables.

The team are also on hand to deliver expert blasting and painting on site, with satellite or pop up options also available for longer-term projects.