providing specialist welding and finishing for planned and emergency maintenance works

When it comes to keeping industrial equipment running at optimal levels, routine maintenance is crucial. Our team of experts are on hand to support your needs, offering comprehensive welding, blasting, and painting services to factories, like yourself, during scheduled or emergency shut downs.

Our team at Malin have skills spanning surface preparation, priming, painting and specialist welding, which means we can provide a single point of contact for seamless operations.  There is no need to deal with numerous companies, nor waste time redefining scope of works and specifications or indeed coordinate multiple contractors – we can offer it all as a turnkey service.

  • Recognised reputation – Our specialist welding services and blasting and painting team and both well known and respected in the industry with a combined experience of over 70 years
  • Dynamic and flexible  delivery – We can combine on-site and in-house scopes of work
  • NACE qualified inspectors – With the expertise and knowledge to ensure that the painting process meets the highest industry standards
  • Turnkey delivery – With a single point of contact with dedicated project managers,  we will ensure all factors are considered to ensure minimal downtime and efficient repairs or maintenance

By partnering with us, you can ensure that your equipment is fully maintained, improving performance, efficiency, and safety. Our team of skilled technicians utilise the latest technology and equipment to provide precision welding, blasting, and painting services that meet the highest standards of quality. From applying protective coatings to prevent corrosion, to emergency welding repairs and specialist pipeworks, our services are designed to extend the lifespan of equipment, reduce downtime, and minimise costs. By scheduling our services during planned shut downs, you can minimise production delays and get back to full operation quickly, ensuring that you remain competitive and profitable. Plus, as a one stop shop, you only need to deal with one project manager and one site. You will also not need to worry about scheduling welding works and blasting and painting – with potential delays if either overun. As a seamless service, we will ensure your full scope is completed as quickly as possible. 

From oil and gas, confectionary, meat and beverages, to pharmaceuticals, metal and plastic manufacturing, our high-quality welding, blasting and painting services are critical in ensuring a safe, efficient and sustainably delivered shutdown operations.

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