There is snow better time to send our festive wishes to ALL

As we turn to the holiday season, we would like to wish all a very healthy, happy break…all we need to wish for now is a white Christmas!


And speaking of snow, we are delighted to unveil our festive sculpture, which sits in front of our South Rotunda Head Quarters in Glasgow. Sitting at seven foot in diameter, the steel structure represents the final stage for last year’s Malin Young Engineers festive competition, which saw pupils from P5 of local Lorne Street primary design STEM structures.

The scheme was piloted with Lorne Street Primary last year, with one lucky winner seeing their design turned into a real structure. The winner and all of their classmates were involved in this process, with the initial drawing transformed into a CAD drawing, and then 3D printed, before having the opportunity to visit our fabrication facilities, where it had been fabricated and finished, ready to be placed at our Head Quarters in Govan.

With the success of the snowflake, we launched the competition nationally this year, with over 300 entries, from 15 schools across Scotland. Judging is now underway, with each child receiving detailed feedback from their engineering team, before unveiling the winner which will represent next year’s structure to be built.

We welcome all of our clients, colleagues, suppliers and local communities to visit the  snowflake, with great photo opportunities at South Rotunda, 100 Govan Road.

And we wish all a very happy, healthy and rest filled festive break.

PXL_20231026_093419646.MP full class cheering

We are delighted to offer our festive brochure for 2023, featuring a host of STEM activities, to keep the little ones entertained over the school holidays. From elf on a shelf, to gingerbread house structures, there is lots to stimulate their thirst for STEM – and keep them occupied.